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Living in Synth: A Flowchart (and Playlist!) for D.C.’s Electronic-Pop Scene

Guitars clang on in Washington, D.C. But they could soon be tied with synthesizers, computers, and weird sound effects.
The District has never lacked for synth-based music, but the last few years have felt like an especially fertile time for synthpop in particular; now we’ve reached the point where there seems to be one local synth- [...]

ToDo ToDay: African Films, Andy Kindler, NoMa Beer Fest, and Trillectro

D.C.’s version of the African Diaspora International Film Festival, returning for its seventh year, seems far too short for an event concerned with global African culture. But its curation may make up for its small slate. Tonight’s kickoff film, African Independence, takes a broad view, talking to African leaders about the continent’s myriad struggles for independence. [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Palaces for the People” and Elephants Walking Around

They look striking from the outside, it’s true. But the reason many of the nation’s Beaux-Arts landmarks, including Grand Central Terminal and Carnegie Hall, are so beloved is the tile and mortar work of Rafael Guastavino Sr. The Spanish builder's tile-arch signature can be found in D.C. in the U.S. Supreme Court and the National [...]

D.C. Does Moogle

Yesterday would've been the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog analog synthesizer, aka one of the coolest-sounding instruments in the history of music. As it often does on the birthday of a famous weirdo, Google created a "doodle" in tribute: a functional facsimile of a Moog. Surely the Web's more musical [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Humanitini

In this city of wonks, many of which champion proper urban development, it’s no surprise that barstool chatter often slips into detailed debate over transportation issues: bike lane placement, driving versus taking the Metro, the need to develop walkable communities, and so on. What isn’t so usual is when the company involved includes some of [...]

Why Do D.C. Bands Suck So Much? The Director’s Cut

For this week's Answers Issue, we took on some our readers' most pressing questions about life in the District.
When we put out the call for queries last October, we were immediately impressed (seriously!) by the intelligence of many of the submissions. At the same time—well, let's just say we got trolled pretty hard. In the end, [...]

Watch: Occupy D.C. Goes Indie Rock

I reported last week that the Occupy D.C. encampment seems to have become something of a DIY space. It turns out it's a pretty good DIY space. Local acts Priests, Lenorable, and The Cornel West Theory some other groups gathered for a generator-powered show in McPherson Square, and attracted a pretty solid crowd [...]

Arts Roundup: The Vinyl-Pressing Cure Edition

RIP: Frank P. Gettings, who for more than three decades was a curator at the Hirshhorn Museum, died in August, the Post reports. He was 80. Shows he curated include "Different Drummers" in 1988, a Susan Coe exhibition in 1994, and even a show of e.e. ccummings' artistic works.
(e)merge Emerges: D.C. Docent was Tumbling up [...]