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What D.C. Galleries Brought to Two Miami Art Fairs, and What They Got Out of It

"We're showing stuff that, when we showed it in D.C., everyone loved, but was too chickenshit to buy."

Why Photographer Lida Moser Couldn’t Be Pigeonholed

Lida Moser made art on her own terms. The retired artist, who died Monday just a week before her 94th birthday, was a highly acclaimed photographer for more than 60 years, and lived in Rockville, Md., after her retirement. Famous for her portraits, street photography, and magazine work, Moser was dubbed "the grandmother of American photojournalism" by Lenny Campello, [...]

Arts Roundup: Whaam! Edition

Artist Bryant Keith Adams, who goes by BK ADAMS•I AM ART, won the first  East of the River Distinguished Artist Award. [Washingtonian]
The deal with the fountain sculpture in Dupont Circle [District of Sculpture]
More speculation about Virgin Mobile Freefest's lineup [BYT]
Lenny Campello's getting excited about the National Gallery's upcoming Lichtenstein retrospective, I guess. [Daily Campello Art News]

Vitamin AOM: Body Language

In which our art critics highlight their favorite works on view at Artomatic
Not that I'm prude, but seldom is it that I find anything dazzling about nude figure drawing or nude photography. For Artomatic, too often the photographs are little more than softcore porn shots (with or without a sword), or feminist questions about the [...]

Arts Roundup: Gary Sinise Edition

Gary Sinise to National Mall full of people: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. [AP/Huffington Post D.C.]
After hitchhiking across the country, grabbing rides from Here We Go Magic and a town councilman from Maryland, cult-film director John Waters has arrived in San Francisco. [DCist]
A profile of Colin K. Bills, a rising lighting designer in the D.C. theater [...]

Arts Roundup: Doin’ It After Dark Edition

Ron Charles' kaleidoscopic adventures through the world of BDSM-lit fandom. [Post]
In the former home of an NBA player in Potomac, Md., Lenny Campello detects some bad art. [Daily Campello Art News]
Scoutmob's vote for the District's official anthem: Mambo Sauce's "Welcome to D.C." They deemed "Rock Creek Park" too sexy. [Scoutmob]
Two new Animal Collective songs! [Pitchfork]
How to [...]

Margaret Bowland v. The United States of America

When Margaret Bowland entered one of her portraits into the Smithsonian's annual portrait contest, it seemed the worst that could happen was that she might lose. She did far better than that: In the National Portrait Gallery's 2009 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, Bowland's submission, a 2008 figurative painting called Murakami Wedding, won the People's Choice [...]

Arts Roundup: Arena Battle Edition

Symposiugh: Peter Marks thinks that the lineup of Arena Stage's conference of theater-world luminaries was pretty damn impressive—or, well, he's pretty sure it would've been, had he been allowed to attend. The critic writes in the Post that, for murky reasons, Arena barred media and the public from attending the gathering. "Certainly, Arena and its [...]

Realer Art D.C.

The Washington Post is at it again. Last year, the paper inaugurated an initiative called Real Art D.C., something that City Paper contributor Jeffry Cudlin referred to (on his own blog, Hatchets and Skewers) as “some sort of forum/database/debasing-reality-show-type-contest for the arts community.” The contest’s terms and conditions earned criticism from both Cudlin and art [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 34

As long as the mighty Far Out vs. Hot Dang exists, D.C. cannot logically be a "second-tier city" for anything. That's because the genesis and continued existence of this weekly assemblage has allowed D.C. to jump from "third-tier" to "first-tier" status. We skipped the second tier, yo.

"But this isn’t a story about Lionize. It’s a [...]