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Eli Reed’s Portraits of Unrelenting Misfortune

Reed’s work is the focus of a two-part retrospective at the Leica Store DC.

Matt Stuart Finds the Humor and Absurdity in Street Photography

Pigeon feet, bubbles as monocles, and ill-placed hands make for wonderfully weird documentary photos.

The Top Five Photos Shown in D.C. This Year

All but one, an unforgettable creation in color, are rendered in shades of glorious gray.

Frank Hallam Day’s Deep Dive into Ghana’s Small-Time Fishing Industry

There’s visual allure—torsos well cut by the heavy labor, moments of solace staring off into the silvery ocean—but also hardship.

How Punk Rocker Chris Suspect Became a Photographer With Global Cred

"In a band, you have to deal with personalities and the life conflicts of other members. In photography, I only have myself to blame if I don't take advantage of an opportunity."

“Faith”: Religion, Irony, and Latex Bodysuits in Photos at the Leica Store

In a new exhibition at D.C.’s Leica Store, the STRATA collective—an eight-photographer network based in D.C. and San Francisco—chronicles “Faith,” though its definition of that term is squarely catholic (the small-c kind). The members, who specialize in street photography, define the exhibit as exploring “the notions of faith and the things people hold on to in [...]

The Dos and Don’ts of Mural Photos: “Beauty” at Leica Store DC

There’s no need to feel sorry for the judges of Leica Store DC’s new juried photography contest. You can agree or disagree with their choice for the winning image—Kenneth Reitz’s photograph of a man corralling four large soap bubbles on a downtown sidewalk—but they at least had a wide selection of plausible contenders.
Paul Sharratt finds [...]

Reviewed: Manuel Pandalis at the Leica Store

Sometimes it’s better to know the art than the artist. Such is the case with “Pure,” a series of portraits by the German photographer Manuel Pandalis.
The images, being shown for the first time in North America at D.C.’s Leica Store, are head-and-shoulders portraits of models, free of makeup. This is designed to make these demigods [...]

Reviewed: Terri Weifenbach at the Leica Store

Is going back to your artistic roots a sign of confidence, or a lack of it? Terri Weifenbach’s solo exhibit at D.C.’s Leica store poses this thorny question.
In the Leica exhibit, Weifenbach showcases works that echo her circa-2001 technique of photographing natural scenes in bright, spring-like colors and—most notably—her creative use of focus. The exhibit [...]