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Homegrown RPG Radio the Universe Raises a Ton of Money—and Questions

Usually, D.C.'s video game industry isn't exactly shrouded in mystery. A handful of established companies in the region earn a healthy profit making the sort of sword-and-sorcery games that sell. But recently, a new kind of locally made video game has emerged—and it raises more questions than the local gaming community might be accustomed to.
“Players [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 16

Gentle readers, today Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here to warn you not to reflect too much upon 2010. Nostalgia generally is for suckers. You'll thank us for saying it now, rather than three weeks from now. And while you're striving to avoid suckerishness, we've got the usual dose of cool-ish shit and hot-ish [...]