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ToDo ToDay: A Concert for Haiti and the D.R.

Relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic are better than they once were: In the 1840s, the former French colony tried to annex the former Spanish colony, and in the 1930s, the Dominican President ordered the killing of Haitians in the D.R. More recently, Haitians have served as cheap labor in their neighboring country. But [...]

Across the Europeverse: Avano, Italy

For most of the month of October, Arts Desk contributor Justin Moyer and his band, D.C. modern rock quartet Edie Sedgwick, are touring Europe. Here is his latest dispatch.
I pay 20 euros for parking, 2 euros for a bottle of water at the hotel, 5 euros for a plate of pasta with eggplant, one euro [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: The Best and the Brightest, DC Caribbean Filmfest, Flaherty Seminar Shorts

Thursday: The Best and the Brightest at the Avalon Theatre
Next to a parking spot less than a block from one's apartment, the most difficult thing to find in certain parts of Manhattan is enrollment at one of New York City's private kindergartens. The culture is so competitive that some parents even sue their children's preschool [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Minor Threat on eBay, Avatar, Lots of Reggae

Minor Threat Drummer Sells Test Pressing for Nearly $6,000
Oh, That Avatar Review Embargo? It's Off!
Distant Relatives at National Geographic
BREAKING: New Yorker's Tad Friend Names Tad Friend Greatest Author Ever
Rules for Would-Be Interviewers of Lee "Scratch" Perry

Rules for Would-Be Interviewers of Lee “Scratch” Perry

In which the author contemplates strategies for interviewing a dub legend and recounts his less-than-successful attempt.
Rule #1: Be a fan.
Lee "Scratch" Perry is a 70-plus-year-old reggae icon. He is not some Williamsburg douchebag who just graduated from Vassar and made one catchy world/house 12-inch that got a lot of MySpace hits and a cover story [...]