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ToDo ToDay: Paint Branch, Alarms & Controls, and Boss Shepherd’s Opens

When I found out that the Fort Reno concert series would continue after a brief threat of cancellation, I was relieved. It’s funny, though, that the concert series evokes nostalgia in me for something I never saw: Q and Not U’s searing 2005 farewell concert. And no matter how hard I wish, the band just [...]

ToDo ToDay: Lee Bains III, Perfect G String, and Meat Week

If there's a pose within the overtly Southern rock made by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, it's undetectable. All the basic elements are there—a certain twang, a soulful rumble, some unfussy storytelling—but the band somehow avoids the traps that snare a lot of Dixie noisemakers. The sound is neither crunchy nor drunk, oversexed [...]