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Arts Roundup: Arcade Fire Swallows Planet Edition

The museum isn't open yet, but the National Museum of African American History and Culture is in the process of installing two major artifacts. [WJLA]
Man stabbed outside of Dupont nightclub. [Post]
It has come to this: Arcade Fire booked to play Verizon Center in 2014. [Stereogum]
Garry Trudeau-helmed comedy Alpha House deemed unfunny by Hank Stuever. [Post]
Bob [...]

Blues Guitarist Bobby Parker Dies at Age 76

Bobby Parker, the massively talented but under-recognized blues-rock guitarist known for his landmark 1961 cut "Watch Your Step," died last Thursday at Bowie Health Center in Bowie, Md. He was 76.
Besides Parker's claim to fame as the inspiration behind surely dozens of rock songs in the 1960s and beyond—including The Beatles' "I Feel Fine" and [...]

Led Zeppelin Played Here Is Playing Here

Heavy Metal Parking Lot filmmaker Jeff Krulik has been working on his latest documentary, Led Zeppelin Played Here, for almost five years. But he's been showing it—or trying to—for nearly half that time.
Krulik thought he'd found the perfect screening opportunity at the 2011 Zep Fest at National Harbor. He intended to show an early cut [...]

Arts Roundup: Fraught With Peril Edition

In this video taped 40 years ago in Baltimore, who is the guy getting chewed out by famous Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant? [Baltimore or Less]
Crafty Bastards is now a mere one day shorter than Bonnaroo. [City Desk]
D.C. has a new bear anthem. [Hometown Sounds via Pink Line Project]
ICYMI: The always charming columnist Cindy Adams, speaking [...]

ToDo ToDay: Gems! Chilling on a Rooftop!

Over the course of several releases, local duo Birdlips came so close to mastering a kind of bright and folky island-bound Buckingham/Nicks sound. Core band members Lindsay Pitts and Cliff Usher darted down to Florida to record 2011’s One Tongue, appearing to finally settle on a vaguely French, darkened-around-the-edges coastal getaway vibe. Since One Tongue, Birdlips has morphed [...]

Led Zeppelin Played Here Coming to AFI Silver Theatre

There's a small faction of grey hairs in my hometown of Wheaton, Md., who still swear up and down that Led Zeppelin played the Wheaton Youth Center in January 1969.
Evidence seems scant. In 2009, the Washington Post's David Montgomery spoke to filmmaker Jeff Krulik—who helped make the cult documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot—about the local legend. [...]

Across the Europeverse: Bratislava, Slovakia

The drive from Piest’any to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is less than one hour. We kill time in Piest’any at two different bowling alleys. At the first, I manage to break 100. During a second game at a second bowling alley, I sleep in the car.
The venue in Bratislava is “Sub Club.” Sub Club is [...]

Remuneration Breakdown: Why Zep Fest Was Canceled

An unusual announcement popped up this week on The Yardbirds’ website: “We have heard NUMEROUS rumors THAT ZepFest, WHICH IS SCHEDULED TO BE HELD at National Harbor, the weekend of May 27, 28, and 29, HAS BEEN CANCELED. HOWEVER, DESPITE OUR REPEATED REQUESTS, THE PROMOTERS HAVE FAILED TO CONFIRM OR DENY THE RUMORS.”
For months, the Yardbirds [...]

The Disintegration of Zep Fest

Zep Fest, the Led Zeppelin-themed rock fest previously scheduled May 27-29 at National Harbor, has been canceled. We found out this morning. But it seems some of the booked entertainment hasn't been informed yet.
Local filmmaker Jeff Krulik was scheduled to screen a rough cut of his film, Led Zeppelin Played Here, at the event. When [...]

Reviewed: Robots & Dinosaurs by Kokayi

In Kokayi's world, most rappers fall into one of two categories: robots or dinosaurs.
Robots blindly follow popular trends and thrive by reinventing the lyrical wheel, while dinosaurs are archaic fossils, too old to compete in a game dominated by brash 20-somethings.
Carl "Kokayi" Walker, a Grammy-nominated veteran of D.C. hip-hop, fits somewhere in-between. While [...]