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Leak Proof: Gucci Mane, Kelis, The Big Pink, Lindstrom

Kelis: "Acapella"
No, Kelis has not joined the Whiffenpoofs. But "Acapella," supposedly the first single from an as-yet-untitled record, is a surprise all the same. The hip-hop-informed arrangements that drove "Milkshake" and "Bossy" are long gone, replaced with hard Euro-club rhythms, courtesy of French producer/DJ David Guetta. On "Acapella" he plays Moroder to Kelis' Diana Ross, [...]

Leak Proof: Solange, Hot Chip, Yellow Fever, Eels

Solange: "Stillness Is The Move"
First GZA performs with Black Lips, then Jay-Z gets down at a Grizzly Bear show. Whether it was Sasha Frere-Jones or just a bedfellows-by-way-of-declining-sales-figures thing, something finally got hip-hop interested in indie rock. But let's not get all cynical about it, especially when it's getting results like Solange's take on "Stillness [...]

Leak Proof: Yeasayer, Four Tet, Javelin, Woodsman

Yeasayer: "Ambling Alp"
With its mystical lyrics and psychedelic flourishes, Yeasayer's debut record, All Hour Cymbals, was the feel-good indie rock record of ’07. However, "Ambling Alp," the first track from the group's sophomore record to see the light of day, finds the Brooklyn band getting more direct with its positive vibes. Chris Keating drops more [...]

Leak Proof: Field Music, Surf City, Frankie Rose, Weezer

Field Music: "Measure"
After a two-year hiatus spent toiling at solo efforts—School of Language and The Week That Was—brothers David and Peter Brewis have reunited Field Music and promptly cranked out a 20 song double record. And while that smacks of indulgence, "Measure," the album's title track, finds the band as reserved ever—pairing austere string loops [...]

Leak Proof: Michael Jackson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, On Fillmore, Lightning Bolt

Charlotte Gainsbourg: "IRM"
Having exhausted pop music's reserve of rakish Euros—Jarvis Cocker, Air, Neil Hannon—on her last record, 5:55, Charlotte Gainsbourg has hopped over the pond and tapped Beck to produce her new one, IRM. Unsurprisingly, it's weirder than her last. At least the title track—a Silver Apples-cribbing 2 minutes of metallic bonging and electronic squiggles—suggests [...]

Leakproof: Mocky, Vampire Weekend, Usher

Vampire Weekend: "Horchata"
The singing crab from Disney's The Little Mermaid is going to be pissed. His lawyers are probably on the phone with Vampire Weekend's people right now, wondering why they failed to clear the use of his faux-Caribbean accent for "Horchata," the kickoff track from the New York–based band's upcoming LP, Contra. "You'd remember [...]

Leak Proof: Krallice, Malakai, Harmonia & Eno, Fresh & Onlys’

The Fresh & Onlys': "Dude's Got a Tender Heart"
San Francisco garage-psych band The Fresh & Onlys offers up a reverb-drenched nugget about a tough guy on wheels. Nothing especially mold-breaking there. But by the end of the first verse, it's apparent that this dude's wheels are only about 47mm in circumference. Narrative-wise, "Dude's Got a [...]

Leak Proof: Julian Casablancas, Shafiq, White Rainbow, Thom Yorke

Julian Casablancas: “11th Dimension”
As frontman for The Strokes, Julian Casablancas rocked. Left to his own devices, however, he prefers to shake his coconuts. Garnished with blaring synths and thudding electronic drums, "11th Dimension"—from the singer's upcoming solo LP, Phrazes For The Young—is clubbier than a box of Larry Levan's underpants. But Casablancas sounds perfectly at [...]

Leak Proof: Gary Higgins, OOIOO, OM, Liam Finn

OM: "Cremation Ghat"
After three albums of nothing but bass, drums, and Sufi poetry, California stoner-mystics Om had just about smoked their schtick down to resin. But the duo's latest release opens the door for a few collaborators. "Cremation Ghat II," from the forthcoming God is Good uses tamboura, tablas, and strings to flesh out an [...]

Leak Proof: Ted Leo, The Clientele, Wale, Little Dragon

Ted Leo: "Last Days"
Rough times for Ted Leo. He's been signed to two of independent music's most beloved/influential labels (Lookout! and Touch & Go) and, subsequently, watched them both throw in the towel and call it a day. Maybe he's been hexed? Despite all of this, Leo's music remains defiant and energetic. His lyrics on [...]