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Riot Act Lawsuit: Judge Dismisses Some (But Not All) Claims Made by John Xereas

Last week, a D.C. District Court judge made the first significant decision in former Riot Act co-owner John Xereas' lawsuit against his one-time business partners, Geoffrey Dawson and Marjorie Heiss: He didn't dismiss the case.
According to court documents filed March 27, Judge Richard Roberts permitted Xereas' claims of "breach of the implied duty of good [...]

From the Dept. of Legal Shenanigans: Sex Comedy Sues City Paper!

It's not the worst marketing scheme we've seen, though it's not exactly that original either. Local filmmaker John Cregan will debut his teenage sex romp Devolved tomorrow night at Landmark's E Street Cinema. To draw people to the screening, Cregan has decided to get in line behind a certain bespectacled billionaire and sue Washington City Paper:
As Arts [...]