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Latristic Releases The Greyest Shade

Latristic, the rock band fronted by Rob Pierangeli (formerly of Casper Bangs), has just released its latest record, The Greyest Shade. Less than a year ago, Pierangeli was trying to raise money for the album via Kickstarter. That didn't pan out. He wound up funding the record himself.
But Pierangeli's birthday was on Tuesday, and the [...]

Latristic Still Needs Your Money, and Has Therefore Covered Mos Def

We reported not long ago that D.C.'s Latristic—which used to be called Casper Bangs—is trying to Kickstart the recording, mixing, and mastering of its upcoming full-length. The band is more than $1,000 short of its $3,000 goal, and today it emailed out one last call for donations. And it added a final aural argument: a [...]

Casper Bangs Moves On, Becomes Latristic

The budding love, painful breakup, and misty-eyed regrets of indie rocker Rob Pierangeli, formerly known as Casper Bangs, are well-documented on the Internet.
In 2009, Pierangeli was in love—dangerously in love, like Beyonce. He named his band after his then-girlfriend, whose last name is Bangs. Then he wrote some songs about her—giving one of them her [...]