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Listen: Last Tide’s Lost to Memory

It's been a while since Last Tide has had new recorded material, but word is the local group's debut full-length, Lost to Memory, has been brewing for a while. The nine-track comes out in physical form May 15—and the band will celebrate its self-release on May 19 at the Black Cat—but for now you can [...]

The Artspace Race: D.C.’s Newest Artist Apartments Are Great—If You Can Get In

Back when Brookland Studios still stood at 3305 8th St. NE, the sound of passing Metro cars sometimes made its way into the art. Listen closely to “A Traitor in My Mind,” a song the D.C. indie rock band Last Tide recorded in 2009 at what was then an artists’ warehouse. The track starts gently, with [...]

Done & Done Festival’s Bands Dish Advice: “Apply for Arts Grants,” “Wear Scarves”

The New York band Esque
This Saturday's Done & Done Festival doesn't stress collaboration so much as cross-pollination: Its 13 bands hail from New York and D.C., but some have roots in both cities. It's a fairly diverse lineup that's long on invention and longer on strong melodies. And at $12 a ticket (or $20 for [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘I Am Sick of Arts Roundup’s Fat Fucking Face’ Edition

Next month's Done&Done Festival has a lineup, the organizers announced. The two-weekend event, which will "celebrate the continuing ascent of NY and DC’s underground music scenes," includes six D.C. bands (Exactly, Last Tide, Laughing Man, Loose Lips, Ra Ra Rasputin, and Rosy Likes Red) and six from New York, including one D.C. ex-pat, Byrds of [...]

At CMJ, No Fast Track to Fame, but Plenty of IRLing

Salome, one of the few metal bands that performed at this year's CMJ.
For D.C. bands, the takeaway from CMJ seems to have been this: It will not pluck you from obscurity, but it can't hurt. Also: Don't believe the hype.
"The myth that you can land the perfect agent or manager at a place like that—I don’t think [...]

Shudder to Tweet

Sampling the thought streams of D.C. musicians past and present.
-my pack game is so official. you dont wanna see my tour tetris. forreal, i could fit a family of 6 into a fannypack.
-had my 1st facial (cant wait to hear from my mature ass twitter friends' reply). attached suction cups&steam machines to the grill. [...]

Hear Last Tide’s Debut EP

Maudlin, noisy, and atmospheric, Last Tide is invested as much in mid-'80s navel-gazing as late-'80s shoegaze. I'm not sure if that makes the young D.C. four-piece kneegaze or thighgaze, but I do know that the group's new EP, The Broken Places, is an engrossing study in dichotomies—the five songs are vociferous yet ebullient, miserable yet [...]

Electricity And Weight: NOMO @ DC9

Lest it be left unsaid: NOMO may make you get down, but they are serious dudes. A glance at bassist Matthew Golombisky, who has f-holes tattooed on his forearms, or baritone saxophonist Dan Bennett, who plays his instrument like he's operating heavy machinery, will tell you exactly that. Not that they're overly studious: These guys [...]