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This Week in WCP Arts: Arthur Miller, Lars von Trier, Victoria F. Gaitán

Chris Klimek leads this week's arts section with his appreciative review of After the Fall—the cerebral, historically problematic Arthur Miller play that's in good hands at Theater J—and The Golden Dragon, a stacked-narrative German play involving one particularly impressive feat of dentistry. I chat with a bunch of particularly hardworking local literary geeks. Tricia Olszewski [...]

Arts Roundup: 180 Edition

Bienvenido a Miami: Starting Memorial Day weekend, the folks behind smooth vibe empire Eighteenth Street Lounge and scenester outpost Marvin will take over the summer pool party series at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, reports the Washington Post. For the last couple years, Brightest Young Things has run the scene at the Skyline, and many credit [...]

In Theaters This Week

The Damned United: Michael Sheen stars as English soccer coach Brian Clough. Surprise, he's cocky and charming.
Antichrist: Lars von Trier, misogyny, sex, and torture for all involved, viewers included.