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The Normal Art: Reflecting on the Revolution—and Eventual Sublimation—of Gay Theater in D.C.

The Gay Issue

At the D.C. Eagle, 42 years of leather daddies and good vibes
Meet Ruby Corado, D.C.'s most persistent trans activist
Holy gender politics, Batman!
Your most fabulous Pride Week ever

“Just imagine this world without queens in it,” shudders cross-dressing New Orleans decorator Candy Delaney in a 1957 opus by Tennessee Williams.
“It would be absolutely barbaric.”
Williams penned those [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Bossalingo Beyond

Local outfit Bossalingo earned a following with its Monday night gigs at the Chi Cha Lounge from 1998 to 2005, but after that run ended, its members pursued other projects. Now, with a new album, Steps Beyond, bandleader and guitarist Michael Joseph Harris is working on re-establishing Bossalingo’s name. Inspired by the jazz-samba style of D.C. [...]