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‘We’re All In This Together': Route 29 Revue @ Merriweather

When Levon Helm and The Band hosted a five-hour send-off concert in 1976, it was a musical event of mythic proportions. The Band and its guests—among them Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell—were torchbearers of the American folk revival. And though it might be overly dramatic to say the movement “ended” with The Last [...]

New Dylan to Drop April 28; Weird Album Art Already Iconic

Dylan/Zimmy/Judas wasted no time after last October's release of the sprawling retrospective, Tell Tale Signs: on April 28, Columbia will release his new studio album, Together Through Life, Billboard reports.
If label hype is any indicator—which, in this case, it sort of probably is—the record's packed full of nostalgic, tumbleweed-y vignettes, Chi-town blues, and churning boogie. [...]

Phil Lesh & Friends and the Allman Brothers at Merriweather Post Pavilion

"I don't even like jam bands," the engineer told me at Will Call. "I just come to these things to get high."
I nodded at the child strapped to his back. "You folks are in good company, then. The Beautiful People are out in full force tonight."