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Arts Roundup: Butch Warren Edition

Shakespeare Theatre's conflict with its landlord remains unresolved, and raises questions about decades-old developer/nonprofit agreements that may not survive D.C.'s boom times. [Post]
Life stories from jazz bassist Butch Warren, recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer [Post]
Dutch artist Erik Van Loon wants 25o volunteers to help him with his elaborate tribute to D.C. [Post]
A movie theater near Nationals [...]

Shakespeare Theatre Company Wins In Legal Battle Against Landlord

Update Dec. 12: Read the preliminary injunction order after the jump.
The D.C. Superior Court has ruled in favor of The Shakespeare Theatre Company in its ongoing lawsuit against its landlord. In a preliminary injunction order signed today, the court barred the defendants—nonprofit group Lansburgh Theatre Inc. and building owner Graham Gund, among them—from raising rent [...]

Theater of the First Amendment Folds

This is the time of year theaters like to puff up their feathers. But today's announcement from Theater of the First Amendant isn't the unveiling of the company's next season.
Instead, it's the sad news that there won't be one: After the 22 seasons, the professional company based at George Mason University is closing its doors.
Although the [...]

Perfect or Not, They Sure Seem to Dance Pretty Well

It’s a risk, but I’m going to wager that this weekend’s performance by Imperfect Dancers at the Lansburgh will be a very satisfying show.
Of course, what do I know? The contemporary dance ensemble hails from Naples, Italy, and has never performed in this country before. Hell, they barely come up on Google—the English version, that [...]