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DMV Beats: Wale’s “Bad” Milestone, Ras Nebyu’s Sporting Life

"Bad" Goes Platinum
Wale hit a new milestone this week as "Bad," his slow-burning ode to heartless women, went platinum. The song, which also features singer Tiara Thomas, is Wale’s very first platinum single. With three-quarters of 2013 complete, it’s safe to say that the rapper has had a good year: The Gifted became his first [...]

DMV Beats: Pacman and Peso, Youngin, Yung Gleesh, Prinz-D, Knox Hill, Wale, and a Must-See Fillmore Show

Escape to North Korea
Where to begin with this one? Earlier this week, DCist ran a story about two local rappers Pacman and Peso—from Congress Heights and Landover, Md., respectively—who want to broaden their horizons by filming a video in North Korea. With the assistance of Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group label co-founder Ramsey Aburdene and [...]

DMV Beats: Fleetwood DeVille, Nike Nando, Laelo

Fleetwood Yak
In late 2012, rapper Fleetwood DeVille dropped his single "Searchlight,” which riffed on Metro's Red Line delays and the Bohemian Caverns sound system. It served as a pretty strong introduction to the Oklahoma native, though the song has since disappeared from the Internet.
Out this week, DeVille's While I Was Asleep EP collects four songs [...]

DMV Beats: Visto, SmCity, Laelo, SK

Visto's Vibe
The beginning of Visto's new video is smooth, comedic, and pimpin' at the same time. A white Jaguar pulls up on H Street NE. The driver opens the rear passenger door, and the rapper steps out in paisley-print board shorts, brown boots, and a bow tie. His wardrobe doesn't match his ride. There’s a [...]

DMV Beats: Wale’s “Bad” Remix, AB the Pro, Lyriciss, and More

Good Week, “Bad” Remix
Wale began the week with a bang. On Monday, the rapper dropped the highly anticipated remix to his hit single “Bad,” which features (almost) everyone’s favorite pop princess, Rihanna. Though the tempo hasn't changed, the remix is drenched in even more sin. Wale continues to share jewels on dealing with beautiful yet emotionally [...]

DMV Beats: Harmony Muzik’s Psychosexual Cinema

Killin' It With a Skillet
Fellas. Whatever menace you can muster pales in comparison to the darkness Harmony Muzik is projecting in this "Taerkey Bacon" video. She extracts more dread from a drippy bottle of red nail polish than all the post-adolescent males in hip-hop have collectively generated in 2013 via mean mugs, vacant-eyed stares, and [...]

DMV Beats: Election Night Lean

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Tweet Streets
DMV artists tweeted overwhelming support for President Barack Obama Tuesday afternoon: Fat Trel was hilarious. Black Cobain was indignant at the wait. Local native, writer, and Board Administration publicist Angela Byrd surveyed the scene at her polling station: "Mitt don't [...]

Str8 Beatz’ Smokey Soundtrack

If you know Laelo, you know he likes weed. For starters, his Twitter name is @LaeloSmokesGood. And the name of his crew? The High Definition Society.
So it's no surprise one of his go-to producers has crafted a beat tape inspired by the green. Released Tuesday, Str8 Beatz' Filtered Joints: A Score for the Lifers is a [...]

Six Recent DMV Hip-Hop Videos Ranked in Order of Sincerity

1. SmCity featuring Pro'verb, "My Own Boss"
Of all the rap videos that prominently feature Malcolm X imagery, at least 99 percent are sincere.