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A Crudd-Rock Nationals Anthem We Can Get Behind

Southeast D.C.'s Lady Moet Beast and D.C. Ty the Monster—purveyors of "crudd rock" and bad-Santa tunes—made a song for the Nats a few years ago, when the team was not so good. The Nats are definitely good now, so "The Nationals Anthem" is making a comeback.
The musical wife-and-husband team is planning to offer the stadium-sized [...]

D.C. Ty and Lady Moet Beast Are on Some Rockness

Connoisseurs of The Sleigher know D.C. Ty the Monster and Lady Moet Beast as progenitors of the awesomest DMV Christmas song ever, but a more accurate title might be "the DMV's most unpredictable rap squad." The Southeast-based husband-wife duo, which runs the Draztick Measurez label, is now pushing what it calls "crudd rock." For Ty, [...]