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Reviewed: Black Alley’s Soul Swagger Rock Sneakers

You shouldn't label Black Alley a "go-go" band. It's limiting, if not wholly inaccurate. While the D.C. septet incorporates the genre's congas, cowbells, and cymbal-heavy drum breaks, its sound is rooted in alt-rock and neo-soul, with dashes of hip-hop and funk for good measure.
That blend has worked well for them so far. The band has amassed a [...]

Tomorrow: Peekaso Hosts His First D.C. Art Exhibit

Last year, Demont "Peekaso" Pinder was a "freestyle portraitist" in every sense of the term—traveling the world with an iPad and an easel, hoping to capture the moment and build a reputation as the DMV's hardest-working painter. “I’m everywhere,” he told me in December. “I’ve gotta make it happen and I can’t take no for an [...]

Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour, Reviewed

Riot grrrl's in the middle of a cultural victory lap. In the past year alone, the early-'90s punk feminist movement has seen some noteworthy milestones: Sara Marcus published Girls to the Front, a terrific and meticulously documented history of the movement; NYU's Fales library opened the first comprehensive archive of riot grrrl zines; and Kathleen [...]

Dying to See You, I’m Down on the Floor: How I Almost Played with Alex Chilton, and Other Big Star Memories

The first Big Star album I ever bought was Third/Sister Lovers. This was a mistake. I'd seen the band referenced in what seemed to be every third review at the time (partly because Kurt Cobain discovered that he suddenly had control over a lot of people's eardrums), and when I decided to see what the [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Bundled up in Tauntaun Guts

Morning, y'all! Pep-pep's back, after an extended leave of absence, and he's ready to link your mind! For starters, WaPo runs yet another Facebook article; this time, there's a news peg on which to hang your irritation. Also, the Boston Globe really demonstrates its reach by patting the shit out of its own back: The [...]

You’ve Come a Long Way, Davey
The inexplicable career longevity of Dave Grohl

By all rights, Dave Grohl should have faded from public view once Nirvana ended in a final, irreversible decision by Kurt Cobain 15 years ago.
At most, he should have either squeezed out a brief, increasingly irrelevant solo career or found another group where he could pound away in the background while someone else claimed the [...]