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Reviewed: Snow White and the Huntsman

You’ll require the kiss of a prince to awaken you from the slumber induced by Snow White and the Huntsman, a dark but at times torturously dull retelling of the classic fairy tale. Though no one wanted a repeat of Mirror Mirror, the sillier Snow White film from earlier this year, Huntsman director Rupert Sanders [...]

Arts Roundup: “You Made Me Fall in Love With You!” Edition

Morning humans! It’s another tragic Tuesday, for I’ve slept through traffic court (no, I didn’t run anyone over this time). But I did wake up to do this roundup just for you.
NBC has picked up J.J. Abrams’ new pilot (for he is god), Undercovers, a spy drama, for their fall line up. The plot falls [...]

Reviewed: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Directed by Chris Weitz
Twilight backlash has proved a force as fierce as Twilight love. Except unlike the adoration, with its Teams This vs. That, the hate has been more equal-opportunity: Bella's boring! Stephenie Meyer is a terrible writer! Kristen Stewart acts with her hair, Taylor Lautner isn't tall or buff enough, [...]

Taylor Becomes a Wolf: New Moon Clip

Eeeee! It's, like, SO hot when Jacob totally saves Bella.
In all seriousness, though, Kristen Stewart has a nice right hook. But I'm not sure I'm impressed with the wolf transformations. Benicio Del Toro is much scarier.
Get ready to squeal in 3...2...1:
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