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North Korean Defector Ma Young-Ae to Perform at Senate Event

Our favorite North Korean defector-turned-sausage merchant Ma Young-Ae is back in the news. Last we heard, Ma had retired from the restaurant business, choosing instead to sell her Pyongyang sausages wholesale to both restaurants and Korean grocers up and down the East Coast. This has left her with more time to devote to her other [...]

New Korean Bell Garden Opens Near Wolf Trap

There were Choco Pies, taekwondo demonstrations, and local pols shoring up the Korean vote at Saturday’s opening of the new Korean Bell Garden at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Va.
The Choco Pies, a much loved, semi-knockoff MoonPie invented by the South Korean military, came courtesy of the Korean American Senior Services Association, which also bused [...]

Freer’s Korean Film Festival Opens Today

It’s too bad Korean cinema doesn’t get the attention it deserves, because every other cultural product coming out of South Korea gets way more attention than it deserves. Having already conquered the Asian market, K-pop has been making inroads in the U.S., winning over American audiences with its slickly produced, inanely catchy, and sexy-but-pre-teen-safe videos. So [...]

Reviewed: 71: Into the Fire

Korean cinema has come a long way. Of the three principal exports of the decade-old “Korean wave” (hallyu) of pop culture–the other two being music and television–South Korea’s movie industry is the one that strives most for critical as well as mass appeal, tackling once-taboo subjects such as prostitution and developmental disabilities.  This contrasts with [...]

Art Installation at Capitol Calls for Peace with North Korea

Sixtieth birthdays are momentous occasions in Korea, commemorated with lots of bowing and alcohol, and for wars it’s no different.  This year marks the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, and various groups have organized tributes – most notably in D.C., a controversial children’s concert arranged by the Unification Church in June.  [...]

Why Are Area Koreans Incensed by a Children’s Dance Concert? (Hint: The Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

For the past month, the Fairfax, Va., office of the Chosun Ilbo, one of the three major Korean-language newspapers in the Washington area, has been flooded with angry phone calls. Readers have demanded to know why the paper is sponsoring a four-day concert at the Kennedy Center that begins tonight and features a Korean children’s [...]