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DMV Beats: RAtheMC, A Plus, G Two—and DMV Apps!

RA Factor
It was surprising to see rapper RAtheMC as a contestant on the second season of Fox's X-Factor. Not that the Largo, Md., rapper didn't deserve it—it's just that her appearance seemed to come out of nowhere. And while she was eliminated in October, she doesn't seem too bummed about it. On her new single, [...]

Digging For Tweets

Mp3 blogs are teetering on the edge of irrelevance. Thanks to Twitter an artist can cut out that middleman completely and deliver new songs directly to fans and followers. From the studio to the tweets in just minutes. The DC hip hop community in particular has been taking great advantage of this approach. Here [...]

Too Much Posse

Benji, Gorda Brega, Toney Night, XO & Syxx – "Uptown's Finest 2"
Carty Yeah, Southeast Slim, Whitefolkz, Kingpin Slim, Mo Chips – "Hottest In The Hood (DMV Remix)"
Two brand new posse cut primers on the ever burgeoning DC rap scene.
First up is "Uptown's Finest 2," the self-explanatory title track from the forthcoming EP of the [...]

Free D.C. Statehood Concert

Political rallies rarely feature really top-notch music. Even if a political event attracts big names, the performances can be kinda boring.
Not true of tonight's statehood event on the Capitol steps.