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Kingpen Slim Remembers Old D.C. and Warns Big Talkers on Two New Singles

One of the DMV's most versatile rappers channels a tight-lipped Seahawks running back.

Listen to Silk Road, Inner Loop’s Ode to the Obscene

Journey through the Internet's now-defunct black market with lewd tales and dark beats.

Watch Kingpen Slim’s Glossy New Video for “Trippin”

If Kingpen Slim was a basketball player, he'd be Scottie Pippen, the well-rounded everything-man who could D you up, score 20-plus points and run the offense, or dunk on you and step over your fallen carcass. Musically, Slim can craft bubbly radio singles and sullen street tales with ease, both of which are unforced and mostly [...]

Listen: Kingpen Slim, “Show Must Go On” and “She Loves Me”

I wonder why Kingpen Slim isn't "on" yet. Not saying he hasn't made moves—his 2012 LP, Triple Beam Dreams, featured notable rappers Jim Jones, Styles P and No Malice—but Slim seems stuck in place despite the national headlines he's picked up the past few years. He feels the same way.
On "Show Must Go On," one of [...]

DMV Beats: Glizzy’s Shyness, Visto’s Issues, and the Return of Kingpen Slim

The View From Glizzy's Block
The Shy in Shy Glizzy stands for Streets Hottest Youngin, but it's been noted that he's soft spoken in person—and there's some definite shyness going on in this interview, done right in the heart of his 37th Street SE neighborhood. His musical persona remains as brash and quasivillainous as ever, though. [...]

Watch: Videos From the Broccoli City Festival

The Broccoli City Festival wasn't just about broccoli. Sure, the atmosphere was noticeably hippyish and the raw veggies were a nice touch, but it was also a local showcase of sorts. There were plenty of performances—at earsplitting volume—from the likes of Phil Adé, Kingpen Slim , and Black Alley, along with national acts like Detroit grunge rocker JMSN [...]

ToDo ToDay: Jen Kirkman!

Last year, heavily followed stand-up comic and Chelsea Lately panelist Jen Kirkman quit Twitter and started a Tumblr called MA’AM, or "Men Aligned Against Misogyny," that invited dudes to sound off about sexism and its discontents. Let's hope Kirkman’s minicampaign against Internet-enabled misogyny won her legions of feminist fans. She’s become one [...]

Broccoli City Wants You to Eat Organic Food and Listen to Local Hip-Hop

D.C. residents with disposable income have no problem eating well. The city's poor and working class residents, on the other hand, fall behind the curve when it comes to "green," healthy living. Los Angeles-based "organic lifestyle" group Broccoli City wants to change that with what it's calling the "first urban Earth Day celebration."
Sunday, the "green"-focused [...]

DMV Beats: Deuce Ducartier Loves Creed, Lyriciss Doesn’t Hate Baltimore

Catching up With Deuce Ducartier’s Rap and Roll
“I liked when [Creed] dropped ‘With Arms Wide Open’ and ‘My Sacrifice,’” says Alexandria-born rapper Deuce Ducartier. “It was one of the most returned albums of all time but there’s just something about the singer’s voice.”
It’s a darkly cold Tuesday and Deuce is giving me an overview of [...]

Video: Kingpen Slim, “The Haunting”

Released in October, Kingpen Slim's Triple Beam Dreams was his most honest recording to date. On it, the versatile Adams Morgan native delved into his occasionally troubled past and made commitments for the future: "First big rap check I get, I'ma get my daughter situated," Slim says on "The Haunting," the LP's reflective intro track.