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The Spray’s the Thing

There are some places where splash zones are just necessary. A Gallagher show. The National Aquarium’s dolphin exhibit. Sea World. But at D.C. theaters? Turns out, yes. Arena Stage’s production of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses, opening Feb. 8, features a large pool in the center of their round stage. When Constellation Theatre produced Metamorphoses in May [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Artisphere Opens, Katherine Heigl Surprises, Shat Shorts Shit Out a Classic

Erin Petty leads off the arts section with her discerning look at Artisphere, the new multipurpose resident arts center in Rosslyn that opens this weekend. Tricia Olszewski reviews two films about interrupted lives, and finds herself dismissing the new film by indie favies Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, and digging the new romantic dramedy starring [...]