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A Modest Proposal for Funding Woolly Mammoth’s New-Plays Initiative

New plays! We all agree they're important. They also require lots of close, collaborative, feedback-supplying work to develop—in other words, time, plus a greater-than-usual financial risk (since, you know, new). And if the collective head-hanging that followed the departure of major components of Arena Stage's American Voices New Play Institute last year was any indication, new plays [...]

The Foxorcist Needs Tithings

Actor/filmmaker Rene Rokk is trying to, uh, scare up at least $20,000 for a short film called The Foxorcist, which his Kickstarter campaign describes as a "parody/satire where two priests come to 'exorcise' the 'demons' infecting the halls of power in Washington, DC and in the popular shock and awe media outlets." Rokk [...]

Punk News: Regents Records Sweet Collabo for All About Friends Forever

Seattle punk fan Carrie Whitney was one of the countless diehards that decided to launch a zine back in the '90s. She called hers Point Furthest From The Middle. Then in 1997 she released a compilation of hardcore bands—many of them friends—in conjunction with the zine. She called it All About Friends, and it included [...]

Kickstart This: Return to the Bayou

in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: The Bayou: DC's Killer Music Joint, a documentary that a team of producers began working on in November 1998, less than two months before the Georgetown rock club shut its doors for good after operating for 45 years. The [...]

Black Tambourine to Record EP of Ramones Songs

Go nuts, indie-poppers. The venerable Black Tambourine has a multi-purpose Kickstarter project going right now; part of the desired $5,000, if raised, will go to recording the OneTwoThreeFour EP, "consisting of four of our fave Ramones songs on two slabs of lovely seven-inch vinyl, packaged in a lovely sleeve designed by the talented [...]

Kickstart This: Listen Local First on Wheels

in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: The Listen Local First Mobile Music Venue, which LLF co-founder Christopher Naoum describes in the video as a musical version of a food truck. The plan: Acquire a van, enlist local artists to paint it, pack it full of [...]

Kickstart This: Trixie Films, Best New Music Writing, Empty Stretch

in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: Twenty/12, a book by the local photography collective Empty Stretch, for which 12 artists documented Jan. 1, 2012, from different parts of the world. "By having multiple people photograph under the construct of a single day, traditions, reflections, [...]

Red Weasel Lasted Long Enough to Inspire a Documentary

Raise your hand if you saw Red Weasel during the grunge years. Yeah, not too many of you did, but the not-quite-punk/not-quite-metal Eastern Shore band (Salisbury, Md., to be exact) apparently did play 'round D.C. back then. Like so many regional acts that formed on the long-haired, Butthole-y cusp of alt-rock's '90s breakout, Red Weasel [...]

Office of Future Plans Discusses Kickstarting Its New Single

Just a few days after launching a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the costs of its debut release, Office of Future Plans reached the $2,500 project goal. Which means the band should have no trouble having its 7-inch ready for its show with The Dismemberment Plan at the 9:30 Club on Jan. 23.
Before OFP's forthcoming [...]

Office of Future Plans Kickstarts Its Debut Release

Ever wanted to hire J. Robbins' new band, Office of Future Plans, to record a cover of your favorite song? Well, now that dream is a reality... if you've got an extra $1,000 hidden under your mattress.
Office of Future Plans is readying its debut 7-inch, and the band has launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover [...]