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This Week in Film: The Losers

Director Sylvain White's The Losers lives up to its title. Based on Andy Diggle's comic of the same name, the film adaptation is all overstated action with little to no character development. The humor, meanwhile, relies on unsophisticated gags and explosions. It's hard not to compare other recent comic book movies like Kick-Ass and Sin [...]

This Week in Film: Kick-Ass and The Secret in Their Eyes

Though Kick-Ass is named after its titular teen protagonist's superhero alter ego, it is another character—an 11-year old girl named Mindy—who steals the show. Chloe Moretz plays Mindy/Hit-Girl, daughter of Nicolas Cage's Big Daddy and ultimate comrade to Dave Lizewski's Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson). Lizewski's back story and lone fights are nothing to write home about [...]

Reviewed: Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic; Making the Movie

So. You've read Kick Ass, the comic book (or "graphic novel," if you have class issues) by the Scots writer Mark Millar and American artist John Romita Jr. Maybe you bought the hardcover collected edition that came out recently, and you're already lining up to see the movie tonight at midnight. Or [...]