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Jazz Setlist, July 9-14: Dog Days

July is the slowest month for jazz in D.C., and this year it's no wonder: Who wants to leave their nice air-conditioned homes? Still, there's good music to be found.
Kevin Pace will surprise you. He looks like a mild-mannered fellow, gracious and thoughtful—and he is. But Pace is a crack bassist—one of the best in [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 13-19: Terell Stafford, D.C. Composers, and More

Friday, May 14
Terell Stafford is a sharp dude: suave, snazzily dressed, and with trumpet skills to spare. Stafford has strong D.C. roots, as well: He spent his formative years in Silver Spring and attended the University of Maryland, where he learned his craft before moving on to the New York scene. Stafford's no radical: He [...]