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‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas: Jazz Setlist, December 18-24

In the Jeff Cosgrove Trio, the music is intense, often fiery and fast; just as often, though, it's moody, meditative, even lyrical—and that includes the drums.

The Kids in the Hall Bring New Material to D.C., America’s “Flirtiest” Audience

Depending on when you grew up, you probably heard of The Kids in the Hall in one of two ways: During its original run on HBO from 1989 to 1995, or on Comedy Central during its famed late 90s/early 2000s syndication. Though the show lasted only five seasons, it schooled millions of viewers and plenty of [...]

This Could Be Funny: Two Kids in the Hall

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, August 19: Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald at Arlington Drafthouse
Hooray for The Kids in the Hall! After changing sketch comedy (there’s no The State without the Kids and there’s no Upright Citizens Brigade without The State and there’s no Human Giant without [...]