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DMV Beats: Harmony Muzik’s Psychosexual Cinema

Killin' It With a Skillet
Fellas. Whatever menace you can muster pales in comparison to the darkness Harmony Muzik is projecting in this "Taerkey Bacon" video. She extracts more dread from a drippy bottle of red nail polish than all the post-adolescent males in hip-hop have collectively generated in 2013 via mean mugs, vacant-eyed stares, and [...]

DMV Beats: RAtheMC, A Plus, G Two—and DMV Apps!

RA Factor
It was surprising to see rapper RAtheMC as a contestant on the second season of Fox's X-Factor. Not that the Largo, Md., rapper didn't deserve it—it's just that her appearance seemed to come out of nowhere. And while she was eliminated in October, she doesn't seem too bummed about it. On her new single, [...]

Listen: Quartermaine’s New Single, “War of the Roses”

Quartermaine doesn't waste time on his new single, "War of the Roses." "This song is specially dedicated to all adults, parents, teachers," he says at the top of the track. "So-called leaders, stop being elitist."
From there, the DJ/MC/producer launches into the plight of the urban poor: chronic poverty, a lack of chivalry, the difficulties of [...]

Listen: Kev Brown’s Soulful Ode to South Africa

There's a YouTube clip in which veteran Brooklyn rapper Busta Rhymes effusively praises Landover, Md., producer Kev Brown. "He gave me like 2,000 beats, and I've got five unbelievable joints with the homie Kev Brown!" Busta exclaims.
Brown stood stoic, taking it all in. The producer doesn't say much, and his name rarely arises when folks discuss the DMV's [...]

Chronicles of Viktor: A DOOM-Inspired Beat Tape

MF DOOM has always been tough to characterize. On the surface, the London-born, Long Island-based MC is downright unorthodox: Much like the comic book villains he emulates, DOOM wears a metal mask at all times and tends to recede from the public eye. On the mic, he's equally eccentric, often combining disparate thoughts into one [...]

Another Reason You Shouldn’t Sleep on Sean Born

In January, Prince George's County MC Sean Born dropped one of the best albums I've heard this year, Behind the Scale, which combined Born's gritty tales of struggle with dusty, '90s-style boom bap, courtesy of producers Kev Brown, Dunc, and Oddisee.
Released today, Born's "12/12" is a lively posse cut featuring Low Budget crew member Kaimbr and [...]

DTMD Gets Raw

Last fall, DMV rap duo DTMD dropped Makin' Dollas, one of the year's better local releases, which was rich in nostalgic soul sounds and thoughtful lyrics. Today, the duo released the video for "Raw," which incorporates all the things you'd expect to see in a throwback rap visual: hooded sweatshirts, dirty stairs, and a rooftop. [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Sean Born

You might know very little about Sean Born, a gruff, gravel-voiced MC from Prince George's County, Md., whose forthcoming album, Behind the Scale, is a cinematic journey through the small Queen Anne town in which he grew up. Born tells of his struggle over booming beats from Kev Brown, Dunc, and Oddisee, and others.
Born's impressive mixtape, 909 Jack BTS Pause [...]

Jon Laine’s GIANT is All About The Beats

Released in 1998, Soul Survivor was the grand coronation of producer Pete Rock's already-stellar career, a large-scale album equally celebrated for its imposing instrumentals and heavyweight guest list (the Wu-Tang Clan, Black Thought of The Roots, and Common all had verses on the project). Yet despite the star-studded cast, Pete was the clear centerpiece, as his beats [...]

DMV, Prepare for a Beatdown

I typically wouldn't promote literal (or figurative) violence, but this Sunday's showcase at U Street Music Hall just might be the best ass whoopin' you'll receive all weekend.
The local InnerLoop record label returns with its 23rd edition of the popular "Beatdown" series, which allows local and national producers to display both exclusive and well-known tracks [...]