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Listen: Kenn Starr, “The Definition”

"I ain't tryna be all salty and bitter, and take love to the Facebook wall and be all stalking the Twitter."

The Breaks: This Week in Local Hip-Hop

Shy Glizzy gets some extra star power on his "Awwsome" remix and Surock tells us to smoke our veggies.

Kev Brown Faces Heartbreak on His Melancholy New Project

Halfway through Kev Brown's new EP, we hear Stevie Wonder's unmistakable tenor, belting out a sentimental live version of his 1969 song, "Give Your Love." Moments later, we hear Stevie again, except Brown has altered the singer's voice to sound like someone completely different.
It's the most familiar aspect of Brown's Untitled Heartbreak Project, a 13-minute [...]

Listen: MindsOne & Kev Brown, feat. Homeboy Sandman, “Pop”

Let's stop for a second to acknowledge the greatness of Homeboy Sandman. This guy can just rap, and it doesn't matter what he's talking about: "When I'm flyin', FEMA security always wanna gimme the pat down/Me, I be the opposite, I can't put the pad down."
The rhyme isn't overly technical, but it sounds great on "Pop," [...]

Genre Dysphoria: The Best D.C. Music of 2013

With Chuck Brown in his eternal resting place and Ian MacKaye settled down and playing only occasional dates with The Evens, how has D.C. music moved on?
In 2013, the answer was clearer: This is a hip-hop town, at least more than it was before. The area now has three significant hip-hop exports: trap-rap up-and-comer Fat Trel, [...]

DMV Beats: Fat Trel, Early Reed and Friends, Head-Roc, PHZ-Sicks, Dunson, and Lyriciss

Fat Trel
Now that Fat Trel is a major label signee, let the new, flashier music commence. Trel's new track, "She Fell In Love," isn't really about love—it's about lusty times in Florida. There's the girl he bedded in Miami. Then there's the girl he met in Orlando after a show. By song's end, he's remembering [...]

Listen: Kev Brown’s Brazil Dedication

Landover, Md., producer Kev Brown recorded last summer's South Africa Dedication during a trip to the country. In December, Brown went to Sao Paulo for what he thought would be a two-week trip. He wound up staying there for two months. "I spent a lot of time in Brazil making joints," Brown tells Arts Desk. "So it [...]

Listen: Awthentik, Silence Is Golden, Ignorance Is Platinum

Awthentik doesn't believe in true monogamy. "Oh that's your long lost love, that's your girlfriend?" he asks on "Cash 4 Gold," the edgy opener of his new album Silence Is Golden, Ignorance Is Platinum. "I'll be the last nigga she fuckin' when the world end."
Clearly, he's working with a theme. On the second song, "God Pray [...]

DMV Beats: Harmony Muzik’s Psychosexual Cinema

Killin' It With a Skillet
Fellas. Whatever menace you can muster pales in comparison to the darkness Harmony Muzik is projecting in this "Taerkey Bacon" video. She extracts more dread from a drippy bottle of red nail polish than all the post-adolescent males in hip-hop have collectively generated in 2013 via mean mugs, vacant-eyed stares, and [...]

DMV Beats: RAtheMC, A Plus, G Two—and DMV Apps!

RA Factor
It was surprising to see rapper RAtheMC as a contestant on the second season of Fox's X-Factor. Not that the Largo, Md., rapper didn't deserve it—it's just that her appearance seemed to come out of nowhere. And while she was eliminated in October, she doesn't seem too bummed about it. On her new single, [...]