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Jazz Setlist, May 8-14: Mother’s Day Jazz

Thursday, May 8
The interesting thing about Nnenna Freelon is that her charisma doesn't really hit you until after the fact. She's an intense performer, one who addresses her audience both in song and in her banter with a certain tossed-off vibe that's as casual as the light tousle in her hair. Once the set is [...]

What to See at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival (Which Starts Tonight)

The motto for the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, “Standing Up for Real Jazz,” smacks of rigid definition—the Jazz-as-Ideology school. And admittedly, that is the modus operandi of festival curator Paul Carr within and without the festival. Yet inside the small maze of rooms on the first floor of the Hilton Rockville Hotel, Carr doesn't just wave [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 16-22: Anthony Pirog, Westminster’s Jazz Night, RH Factor, and Kenny Rittenhouse

Thursday, Jan. 16
The more you hear Anthony Pirog, the more interesting he gets. Perhaps it's because jazz is only one of many intersecting avenues in the music he plays on guitar. In fact, Pirog to a great degree gets called "jazz" only because it's the closest his improvisational, experimental work gets to a genre of [...]

Jazz Setlist, November 14-20: The Action’s in Bethesda

Friday, Nov. 15
You'd think the name of Omar Sosa's Afri-Lectric Sextet would tell you most of what you need to know about the band and its music, but the truth is that they defy easy categorization. The three-man front line comprises musicians from Germany (trumpeter Joo Kraus), Cuba (saxophonist Leandro Saint-Hill), and the United States [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 27 – Feb.1: Local Flavor

Friday, January 27
Longtime D.C. alto saxophonist Antonio Parker is one of the city's busiest, most reliable musicians, a first-call player and a regular leader in his own right (especially at HR-57, where he plays weekly) with perhaps the firmest grasp of the blues of any jazz sax around. He's kept so busy, in fact, that [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 12-18: Correction Edition

If you saw last week's Setlist, you already know what this Thursday's pick is; Jazz at Jackson Place has from its inception been the first Thursday of the month, but this time there seems to have been a private event booked in that slot. Hence, Matvei Sigalov performs at Decatur House (748 Jackson Place NW, [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sept. 2-8: Kenny, Kenia, and Stuff that Doesn’t Begin with K

Friday, Sept. 3
Kenny Rittenhouse's trumpet sound is a thing to behold. He's got the hurt romance, the vulnerability, of Miles Davis' tone, but he spins them into the long virtuoso phrases of a Freddie Hubbard. Those are two very different stylists whose common ground can be summed up as "Kenny Rittenhouse"; however, even if you [...]

Jazz Setlist: Nov. 20-25, 2009

Thanks to Ted Scheinman for covering last week.
Nov. 20
Local trumpeter Kenny Rittenhouse has a  straightahead, hard-bop approach, but always produces a probing, thoughtful sound—almost like a flugelhorn—that distinguishes him in the U.S. Army Blues, the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra, and his own trios, quartets, and quintets that gig around town. Those pretty notes, to paraphrase [...]