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Jazz Setlist, May 2-8: Nonstop Improv, Indeed

Thursday, May 2
If you're speaking to alto saxophonists under the age of, say, 40, and you ask them about their influences, it's a given that you'll add, "Aside from Kenny Garrett, of course." This is not an exaggeration. His supple, sensuous tone, preternatural rhythmic sense, and snaky short-note phrasings have all become the lingua franca [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 31-June 8: The Unfestive Alley

The DC Jazz Festival is something of a glutton, in that it consumes everything within its sphere. The "Jazz in the 'Hoods" wing of its programming means that all of the club gigs, bar gigs, even unique weekly events like Jazz Night in Southwest get absorbed into the festival's scope. There are two exceptions, though, [...]

Jazz Setlist, September 15-21: Double Caverns

There are plenty of great options this week; unfortunately they seem to have been stacked up across the same three days. Your humble correspondent has had to make some difficult choices.
Friday, September 16
It was sometime in the mid-'90s when this writer, watching crappy mid-'90s Saturday Night Live, was suddenly intrigued by one of the Saturday [...]

Jazz Setlist, Oct. 28–Nov. 3: Midterm Edition

Setlist is in a quandary this week, D.C. You see, an emerging saxophone talent by the name of Benny Sharoni is performing Tuesday night (Nov. 2) with his quartet at Blues Alley, 8 and 10 p.m. He plays lilting mainstream jazz with a big, full, open sax tone that deserves your ears. But on [...]