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Reviewed: Iwan Bagus, Peter Karp, and Amy Davis at Studio Gallery

Iwan Bagus, a D.C. photographer and professor, asks, “How long does an image last?” His answer: “An eternity and a blink of the eye.” That pretty much sums up his newest series, now on exhibit at the Studio Gallery. Bagus took a series of fractured self-portraits using rolls of old-school color transparency film, cut out [...]

Reviewed: “Reverb & Echo” at Studio Gallery

The devastating Haitian earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010—which struck almost two years ago—has inspired many artists. Last fall, Wyatt Gallery offered photographic meditations on life amid temporary housing in the exhibit "Tent Life: Haiti," while the Watergate Gallery is currently showing Haitian paintings from a damaged arts venue in Port-au-Prince. At Studio Gallery, mixed-media artist [...]

Reviewed: Keith Lane at Hillyer Art Space

Maybe I’ve managed to miss it, but I find it somewhat surprising that we haven’t seen more iPhone photography move into art galleries. Keith Lane’s project, “iwishyouwerehere,” provides one early effort that offers both the promise and the pitfalls of smartphone projects. Lane made dozens and dozens of images from his daily life on his [...]