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A Christmas Carol Smackdown! Olney Theatre vs. Keegan Theatre

A Christmas Carol is like crack to theater companies: do it every year or not at all, but after your first hit, you’re hooked on that sweet holiday revenue. No other play can rake in the kind of cash to pay for the rest of your season, which is why this year we have a [...]

Keegan Theatre’s A Couple of Blaguards, Reviewed

Nearly 20 years before the 1996 publication of his Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir, high school teacher Frank McCourt and his actor/barkeeper/radio host brother Malachy turned their memories of growing up destitute in Limerick and immigrating (separately) to the U.S. into a freewheeling autobiographical play called A Couple of Blaguards.
Actually, it isn’t so much a play as [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: 2 Days in New York, Murals, and August: Osage County

On the cover of this week's City Paper, our writers shoot down the perennial comparison of D.C. to New York, offering suggestions of other cities to which we should compare ourselves instead. (Some of them, for arts-related reasons!) Tricia Olszewski leads the arts section with her review of two bummer art-house movies involving bummer family [...]

Arts Roundup: Certain Kinds of Trash Edition

It was a good day for interviews at BYT: Rob Pierangeli (Casper Bangs, Latristic) interviews Can! [Brightest Young Things] And Amanda Mackaye and KC talk hair metal, diversity, and dancing at Fort Reno! [Brightest Young Things]
Chain & The Gang has a new video for "Certain Kinds of Trash." [YouTube]
Fat Trel shows up—shirtless, naturally—in Sway's "Bet Dat" [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Fat Trel, Enterprise Jazz Club, Freedom’s Cap

Ramon Ramirez has this week's cover story with a lengthy profile of Fat Trel, D.C.'s fastest-rising hip-hop star. Michael J. West leads the arts section with a look into The Enterprise jazz club's somewhat bizarre lawsuit against its landlord. Lydia DePillis reviews Freedom's Cap, Guy Gugliotta's book chronicling the design and construction of the U.S. [...]

Arts Roundup: Overattended Media Preview Edition

Fall Awakening: The Keegan Theatre is going heavy on recent Broadway faves in its upcoming season: Its staging Spring Awakening and '08 Pulitzer winner August: Osage County. The season opens Oct. 22 with The Crucible; the company's Steel Magnolias is still going, though (here's our review!), and runs to Aug. 21. Arts Post has more.
Ha Ha Sound: [...]

Arts Roundup: Close to Home Edition

Montgomery County Tax Dollars at Work: The Fillmore Silver Spring has announced its first round of ticket sales. Presales for Mary J. Blige, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Cheap Trick, Chromeo, and others began yesterday, and end tonight at 10 p.m.; public sales begin Friday at 10 a.m. Going Out Guide has a complete list [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Silverdocs, Bob Mould, The Trip

A large chunk of this week's paper is devoted to Silverdocs, the massive annual festival of non-fiction films. But where 2010's event was heavy in somber, issue-focused films, the emphasis this year seems to be on lighter, and often more soulful, fare. That's what I write, anyway, in my lead essay. Benjamin R. Freed also [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: A Keegan Twofer, Chain & the Gang, Bear Witnez

Chris Klimek leads this week's arts section with his review of two shows running in rep at the Keegan Theatre: The Weir, about Irishmen in a pub, and Basra Boy, about Northern Irishmen in the sand (which is to say: Iraq). Trey Graham reviews the Forum Theatre's Bubonic plague-themed One Flea Spare. Our music critics [...]

Basra Boy: Keegan Theatre’s One-Man Northern Irish Punk Rock War Story

Basra Boy is a Belfast play to its core. The one-man production centers on an 18-year-old Belfast punk, who has a dirty mouth, a penchant for trouble, and who debates joining the Royal Army to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was written in dialect, with plenty of Belfast slang. And, needless to say: Its playwright, Rosemary [...]