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U Street Music Hall Fires Bouncer Who Tried to Boot Male Patrons for Dancing With Each Other

The last time Robyn was in town, she was opening for Katy Perry, playing to a packed  Merriwether Post Pavilion. Last weekend, in D.C. for a two-night stand with Coldplay at the Verizon Center, the Swedish singer brought her vocoded vocals and drum-machine hooks to U Street Music Hall. The 33-year-old performer's Saturday appearance included a [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 39

In the not-so-distant future, people will express their D.C. pride not with a D.C. flag tattoo, but with a Far Out vs. Hot Dang tattoo. Maybe "FAR OUT" on one asscheek, and "HOT DANG" on the other? Yeah, that would be super nice.

Perhaps the biggest victims of hippies
Always entertaining to be reminded of dozens of [...]

Arts Roundup: Slutty Summer Edition

New Day Rising: “I don’t want to bum everybody out,” said Bob Mould, at a recent concert/book reading at the Birchmere. “Lemme skip 10 pages.” In yesterday's Washington Post Style section, Chris Richards talks to the former Husker Du frontman about his new autobiography, See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage [...]

Arts Roundup: Successes and Failures Edition

Someone please give this reporter a break: Particularly since the departure of chief art critic Blake Gopnik, the Washington Post fine arts blog, Arts Post, has been barely subsisting on museums beat reporting by Jacqueline Trescott. Recently, a few new bylines have been added—including fashion writer Katherine Boyle, arts aide Erin Williams, and a few [...]

Reviewed: Victory Lap by RAtheMC

In August, Largo native RAtheMC released her energetic Heart Of A Champion album to significant local fanfare.
Not long before dropping the project, the fashionable lyricist inked a deal with the D.C.-based Studio43 imprint, whose roster boasts names like X.O., Gordo Brega, and AB the Producer. (Once upon a time, Wale was a Studio43 MC before signing [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs To Overcompensate For Your Katy Perry Addiction

Yes, "Teenage Dream" is a damn catchy song. The vocal triplets in the bubblegum chorus take you back to your uninhibited youth and instantly remind you of less-jaded years. You heard it for the first time in your girlfriend's car a while back, and it was stuck in your head for weeks. Naturally, you later [...]

His Tour Is Overpriced and Underattended. His Ideas Aren’t His Own. So Why Does Perez Hilton Have a Record Label?

In July,  Rohin Guha, a writer for the pop culture site Black Book, noticed that the music tastes of America's top gossip blogger closely mirrored those of a UK music site: Perez Hilton had endorsed six different bands, none of them yet familiar to American listeners, immediately following endorsements by Peter Robinson, editor of  PopJustice. [...]

Photos: Katy Perry @ the 9:30 Club

Katy Perry is a consummate entertainer with a mega-hit pop song, and the 9:30 Club seemed like a pretty small venue for an artist of her standing. I heard that last Friday's show sold out in less than 15 minutes, which seemed about right just judging from the sheer enthusiasm of the audience (people apparently [...]

City Paper Seeks Music Videos

Dear Readers,
In anticipation of our 2008 Music Year-in-Review issue, City Paper is soliciting nominations for the finest/lamest/most absurd music videos of the '08 cycle. Lot of latitude here—you can nominate videos that you loved, loathed, linked to, leered at, or found ludicrous in one way or another.
Couple guidelines:

Videos should be embeddable
Videos should feature either [...]