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The Body Stop: D.C.’s Once-Nonexistent Performance Art Scene Takes Off—in Rosslyn

Drop into any Brightest Young Things party or Pink Line Project event with a DJ, a food truck, and some graffiti, and there’s a good chance you’re going to see some performance art. Not, mind you, the Viennese Actionism of the late 1960s or the NEA Four of the early 1990s or Marina Abramović trying [...]

Arts Roundup: Inflatable Edition

It's not looking so good for the Hirshhorn's massive (in size and in price) "Bubble" project. [Post]
Balloon artist Katie Balloons explains why D.C. is an ideal place to be an artist. [HuffPost D.C.]
Traveling readers, rejoice! Barnes & Noble at Union Station will stay open for another year. [Washington Business Journal]
A long look at the myriad [...]

This Could Be Funny: Hannibal is Coming!

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, September 2: Michael Brooks at Riot Act
Hometown comic Michael Brooks returns for a couple nights at D.C.’s newest comedy space. Brooks is mainstream enough to please the fair-weather comedy fan, but far from boring. If you haven't checked out Riot, Brooks is a [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 26

In terms of raw numbers, Far Out vs. Hot Dang has reached the half-year point of its existence. But we've taken a few weeks off, so this is totally one of those "Gregorian calendar vs. Julian calendar" kinds of things. We'll probably exploit it by celebrating the one-year anniversary in like Week 28, yo.

P.T. Barnum [...]

Arts Roundup: Fancy New City Paper Edition

It's still us, we just look better now. And who knows, you may even be handed a copy of the beautifully redesigned City Paper by one of our staffers (like Erin Petty, who was here on Wednesday) as you board Metrorail today. Petty, by the way, has this week's Arts Desk feature on Katie Balloons, [...]

Inflated Reality: Lessons in Truthiness for TLC Star Katie Balloons

Three days before a fancy wedding, Addi Somekh, Brian Asman, and Katie Laibstain are suddenly handed a mission: Make the bride’s dress, complete with five-foot train. Make it look spectacular. Make it fit perfectly.
And make it out of balloons.
There is, of course, only one world in which such a challenge could possibly take place: Yes, [...]