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The Body Stop: D.C.’s Once-Nonexistent Performance Art Scene Takes Off—in Rosslyn

Drop into any Brightest Young Things party or Pink Line Project event with a DJ, a food truck, and some graffiti, and there’s a good chance you’re going to see some performance art. Not, mind you, the Viennese Actionism of the late 1960s or the NEA Four of the early 1990s or Marina Abramović trying [...]

ToDo ToDay: Planetfall! Earth Day! Literary Ballet!

To create his mesmerizing images of space, Michael Benson takes data from interplanetary probes by NASA and the European Space Agency, digitally enhances them, and spins them into photographs. It’s hard to know how much Benson is juicing his raw material, but the resulting images are so hypnotic that it’s easy not to care. The [...]

ToDo ToDay: Metz! Baseball Musicals!

It’s easy to harp on the '90s as the golden age of indie rock, where screeching DIY bands championed the home-rooted growth of small label, like Seattle’s Sub Pop. Many years of lukewarm releases later, Sub Pop has gone back to its roots by signing schizophrenic rock bands whose main priority is a live set [...]

Take It to the Bridge, Week 4: Kathryn Cornelius

Dress number 3 – too small #needtolosemoreweight

It will be the sound of wedding bells Saturday at the Corcoran during this weekend's installment of "Take It to the Bridge,” the series co-presented by the Washington Project for the Arts: Performance artist Kathryn Cornelius plans to marry (and divorce) seven suitors. It’s a timely piece given all [...]

Arts Roundup: Pretend-Land Washington Edition

Capital Girls, the first in a trilogy about rich and connected babes doing Washington-y things in pretend-land Washington, lands on shelves today. Don't all hit Barnes & Noble at once. [Post]
Washingtonian speaks with artist Kathryn Cornelius about her plan to marry and divorce seven people at the Corcoran this weekend. "I’m just hoping the piece [...]

Arts Roundup: Lollapalooza Delegation Editon

Spirt Fest's tribute to Chuck Brown featured the late Godfather of Go-Go's band, playing alongside members of Trouble Funk, Rare Essence, and E.U. No holographic Chuck, though. [Post]
Wale at Lollapalooza: He started his set late and complained all the way through it. [Spin]
Nadastrom at Lollapalooza: The D.C.-formed duo "has coined its midtempo booty electro moombahton, [...]

Beat Freaks: “Like, a Few Months Ago, I Made 17 New Facebook Friends at Just One Opening!”

So, um, curious about Beat Freaks, the new band of artists Kathryn Cornelius and Jeffry Cudlin? Alt-art-scene doyenne Philippa Hughes shot some video of the band's debut last night at the $150 Washington Project for the Arts fundraiser. Sample lyric: "When I go out to Art/I get to see so manyof my friends there/It’s like [...]

Possibly the Only Reason to Attend Tonight’s $150 WPA Reception: Cornelius and Cudlin’s Beat Freaks

Perhaps you're on the fence about attending tonight's fundraiser for the Washington Project for the Arts! It does, after all, cost $150.
I'll assume that number either made up your mind or it didn't, and just get to the point: For its fete tonight celebrating the opening of "Catalyst: 35 Years of the Washington Project for [...]