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Arts Roundup: Echostage Edition

D.C. Star has been leased to Panorama Productions, the electronic-music promotion company that books Glow and runs Panorama plans to call the venue Echostage. [Post]
Talking to Kathleen Akerley about Longacre Lea's new Goldfish Thinking and Eleanor Holdridge about Theater J's production of Body Awareness [Post]
Dreams From My Father and other left-leaning books are, predictably, big in [...]

A D.C. Theatermaker’s Shockingly Sudden Exit

The e-mail came just a few weeks ago. The header said "A Huge Favor." For Gaurav Gopalan, Heather Haney would probably have done two. She was that fond of him. Many people were.
They had met in the spring of 2006, soon after Gopalan left a voicemail asking if Haney wanted to try out for [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Cherry Red, Stephen Malkmus, Attack the Block

Benjamin R. Freed leads the arts section with an elegy for Cherry Red Productions, which over its 16 years was D.C.'s raunchiest and most graphic theatre troupe. The group performs its swan song, a staging of the joke "The Aristocrats," later this month. David Dunlap reviews the latest, bestest record from Stephen Malkmus and the [...]