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Reviewed: Kate MacDonnell and Noelle K. Tan at Civilian Art Projects

Civilian Art Projects was on to something when they paired photographic exhibits by Kate McDonnell and Noelle K. Tan. Though MacDonnell works in color and Tan uses black and white, both are apt to dwell on voids.
In her current body of work, MacDonnell, who lives and works in D.C., trains her lens on the sky, [...]

Reviewed: Ken D. Ashton, Kate MacDonnell, and Terri Weifenbach at Civilian Art Projects

The title “Time & Land” describes with precision this exhibit of photographic works by Ken D. Ashton, Kate MacDonnell, and Terri Weifenbach at Civilian Art Projects: The artists explore, in their own way, the passage of time on the land. MacDonnell’s works are hobbled by needlessly claustrophobic wood frames and an indifferent color palette, but her [...]