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Barrelhouse Lit Mag Publishes Its First Book, Bring the Noise

Since launching in 2005, D.C. literary journal Barrelhouse has been publishing short stories, poems, and essays about all manner of human experiences. But where it's diverged from traditional literary magazines is in its outright celebration of pop culture—all of it, good and bad, silly and serious, widely revered and widely shunned.
This week, Barrelhouse expanded beyond its [...]

Playlist: My President Is Back

Themed playlists can be brilliant but a lot of themed playlists can go to hell. They're like cooking challenges with mandatory lavender. Cute trick, bro, but what am I supposed to feel?
I hadn’t brushed up on the local races, and I even considered not voting given the overwhelmingly pro-Obama electorate in the District. At the [...]

Don’t Be Scared of P.U.S.S.Y.

If nothing else, Judah knows how to indulge his fantasies, no matter how bizarre or outlandish. On 2010's The Amber Rose Instrumentals, the Northeast D.C. native imagined a brief rendezvous with Rose, only to be dumped for her then-boyfriend Kanye West. Following the moderate success of the summery "Sundresses and Sandals," Judah promoted the song with [...]

KingPen Slim’s Late Christmas Gift

The NBA wasn't the only thing to come back on Christmas. Also that day, DMV rapper KingPen Slim, whose Beam Up mixtape series has made him a formidable presence in the region, dropped his Pass the Roc mixtape, on which he rhymes original verses over various Roc-A-Fella beats.
"Lucifer In A New Suit" finds Slim battle-rapping over [...]

Arts Roundup: Company Town Edition

You Can't Park There: Veep is filming! Veep is filming! Per the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development: "A comedy series set in DC about a female VP of the US from British comedian, writer and director Armando Iannucci. VEEP is set 'very near the White House' and centered on former Senator [...]

You Are Now Watching the Throne

Is “Otis” a terrible song?
I thought so. It’s a lazy, looped beat that is trampled on by weak punch-lines, and is just about impossible to consume. But three songs into Thursday night’s Monsters of Rap summit, the track felt central to whatever cultural unifiers linger in the middle class’ societal fabric. An extended intro turned [...]

Arts Roundup: Quaffing the Rhone Edition

Obligatory Shit About Yeezy and Hova: Were you at the Verizon Center last night? I wasn't. But WaPo's Chris Richards was, and I'm sure there will be plenty more write-ups before the day is through. So, you know, envy.
This Guy: Huffington Post DC blogger Ben E. Kessler is back with another silly missive about the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Noisy, Gutless, Absurd

Tonight's big show is Jay-Z and Kanye West at the Verizon Center. They're touring in support of Watch the Throne, their collaborative album from earlier this year, about which WCP contributer Ramon Ramirez was not totally jazzed:
Watch the Throne is often noisy, gutless, and absurd: like every time a limping Jay-Z grabs the mic and raps about [...]

Arts Roundup: Shut Up! We’re Doing Yoga Here Edition

Fake Brits Got Swagger: So, Watch the Throne, the grandiose collaboration between Jay-Z and Kanye West, is kind of weaksauce. But perhaps equally startling? Over at Click Track, Chris Richards and David Malitz take note of the fact that instead of Hov or Ye, the album's opening track "No Church in the Wild" begins with "a [...]

How Watch the Throne Misplaces Its Swagger

It’s difficult to approach Watch the Throne—the collaborative super-friends blockbuster from Kanye West and Jay-Z—while keeping the vitriol in check. This is Brett Favre stunting the development and progress of his home team by not stepping aside and letting Aaron Rodgers forge style and identity. Through its corner-office reign, the pair has kept a vice [...]