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Reviewed: “Next at the Corcoran: Class of 2012”

Apparently, photography isn’t dead. For the second year in a row, the graduating exhibition for the Corcoran College of Art and Design features a wealth of photography. Several series deal with rural or small-town life. Ethan Browning has produced a crisp, Coen Brothers-esque series of images of life in Frankenmuth, Mich., a predominantly German town. [...]

The Best Photographic Images of 2011

Sometimes an exhibit is great in its entirety; sometimes one particular piece rises well above the rest of the exhibit. The images below fall into the latter category. Together, they constitute the 10 best photographic images of 2011, at least in this reviewer's opinion.
1. Harry Callahan, “Telephone Wires,” National Gallery of Art. The National Gallery [...]

Reviewed: “On the Lakeshore … and Other Stories” at Goethe-Institut

The three photographers showing jointly at the Goethe-Institut—Iris Janke of Germany and Kaitlin Jencso and Sara J. Winston of the United States—intend their works to be a “dialogue on a common topic: self-identity.” Each does indeed present a deeply personal vision, but in combination, their offerings are uneven. Winston provides depressing visions of disorder—matted hair [...]