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Arts Roundup: My Valerian Edition

Plus: Justin Bieber debuts new song title via Rhode Island Avenue NE mural.

Arts Roundup: Bieber’s Wax Pants Edition

D.C.'s artistic growth has outpaced its supply of venues, says Forum Theatre Artistic Director Michael Dove. [Washingtonian]
Local author Howard Norman talks about the murder-suicide that took place at his D.C. home in 2003 and how he has to travel north to get any writing done. [WAMU]
ICYMI: CulturalDC buys Flashpoint. [Post]
What's next for Keegan Theatre? [Post]
Admiring [...]

Arts Roundup: Live Chicken Edition

Two Virginia songwriters sue Justin Bieber and Usher for copyright infringement. [AP via WJLA]
A Belgian artist brings live chickens to Connersmith gallery. [Post]
Angry attendees protest the lack of chili at the DC101 Chili Cook-Off. [Post]
Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser: "If politicians are concerned about job creation and economic growth, why are they cutting arts support?" [...]

Arts Roundup: We’re Not Beliebers Edition

So, Justin Bieber kinda sucked at Verizon Center last night. [Post]
The State Department commemorates 50 years of the Arts in Embassies program with a few big-name events, including a Nov. 30 awards ceremony with Jeff Koons, Cai Guo-Qiang, Kiki Smith, and other influential artists; and a Nov. 28 happening at THEARC with performance artist (not Bad Seeds frontman) Nick [...]

Download The Black Sparks’ S.T. Rawberries EP

Back in February, I wrote about The Black Sparks—middle-school punk upstarts who've been wowing the D.C. all-ages circuit with their electric, sweat-soaked live shows. And—as if the gods were offering up some sort of cosmic alternative to Justin Bieber's freshly released, distressingly post-pubescent single "Boyfriend"—The Black Sparks have just uploaded some gleefully youthful tunes in [...]

The Sleigher: Justin Bieber, “Little Drummer Boy” (Featuring Busta Rhymes)

HO HO WHO: "The Little Drummer Boy," in its purest iteration, is a song about a young man who, at the urging of the Magi, offers his dope beats to the baby Jesus. Replace the Magi with Usher and the baby Jesus with the Internet and you have a pretty accurate representation of why culture [...]

Arts Roundup: Inside Jokes Edition

A Child Is Born: Chris Richards' breezy-prosey account of this weekend's Christmas in Washington taping is a lot more fun to read than the annual celeb-stuffed concert will be to watch on Friday at 6 p.m.
Rich Blende: For his latest Secret History column at DCist, Brandon Gentry takes a nice look at Pitchblende's 1993 debut Kill [...]

Arts Roundup: Steve Jobs Edition (Or Not)

Poetry No Longer in Motion: TBD's Jenny Rogers talks to area poets about Pretty Face, a local poet and noted performer who's going on hiatus for a while. After 15 years performing at venues around town, the 45-year-old artist has decided to focus on his literary career and invest more time in his band, Sexy [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Tweets’ Edition

Morning, folks!
Does anybody other than me and Kent Brockman feel this way about the World Cup? Fortunately, Magnum photos of people playing futbol are far more engrossing than the TV broadcasts. Plus, no fucking horns.
A photo is worth a thousand tweets! You know Shit My Dad Says, the Twitter feed Justin Halpern parlayed into [...]

Arts Roundup: Bieber vs. Wale Edition

Morning, readers. It's Thursday; let's see what's going on in the world.
Outgoing Poet Laureate Kay Ryan gives her farewell reading tonight at the Library of Congress. It's free and she'll be signing books afterwards. Go!
Justin Bieber was nominated for a BET Award. He's up for Best New Artist, along with local favorite Wale. Bieber's in [...]