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ToDo ToDay: The Intersections Festival and Nonstop D.C. Nostalgia

For once, you don’t have to trek to National Harbor to see world-class circus performers: The Intersections Festival is bringing an evening of big-tent entertainment to the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street NE. The center ring event, “Magic in the Air,” will showcase local acrobats twisting in silks and spinning in suspended hoops, [...]

Arts Roundup: Freedom! Edition

Good morning! School's been back for Studio Theater for some days now—it's deep in rehearsal for Circle Mirror Transformation—but yesterday was founding Artistic Director Joy Zinoman's last, at least at the helm. WaPo's Jane Horwitz reports that Studio's staff and admirers sent Zinoman off with a string of fetes and some gifts, like a gold watch [...]

Gawker: You’re Not That Cool

DCist rightfully snarked on Gawker's snarking about how D.C. is not cool. The Gawker rant, "Cheer Up, DC Will Never Bo Cool," just isn't serious enough to merit much attention.
But this point was sorta dead on:
"Sure, 30 years ago DC had Bad Brains and Minor Threat, and today it still has, uh, Ian Svenonius (the [...]