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WCP Does SXSW: Windian Records Throws Stones

Every March, South by Southwest corrals the music industry in Austin, Texas. Record labels, publicists, and hip blogs program warring bills throughout the Texas capital’s 200 venues; red-eyed bands cram eight gigs into three days. The taco trucks are superb. Everybody’s there.
But Travis Jackson, the owner and founder of Windian Records, is opting out this year.
“Talking [...]

Five New Singles From Windian Records

How anyone keeps a new record label afloat in 2010 is beyond me, but the former drummer of the recently disbanded The Points, Travis Jackson, seems to be doing it right. Windian Records hones in on no-bullshit, party-loving punk and keeps pressing small runs of high-caliber wax for their lo-fi rock and roll. Today, five new [...]