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Kevin Costner at Strathmore, Reviewed

I’ll admit: when I heard Kevin Costner’s band was coming to Strathmore, I volunteered for the assignment for the sole purpose of making fun of Kevin Costner. I had never actually heard Kevin Costner’s band. It’s unfair, I know. But neither had most of my fellow concertgoers. Based on a handful of conversations with them, [...]

Today in Fall Arts: Ralph Eubanks, Juliette Lewis, Kill Hannah, Blackboard Jungle

In 1914, a white man named James Richardson married a black woman named Edna Howell in what would seem one of the least hospitable places for a mixed-race couple in Jim Crow’s America: south Alabama. And with that exchange of vows began the story that made W. Ralph Eubanks’ House at the End of the [...]

Photos: The Pretenders @ Warner Theatre

Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders hit the Warner Theatre last Friday evening, supported by the odd combination of manic Juliette Lewis and soporific Cat Power (whose set was excellent, but she did not allow any photography so you won't see anything from it here).
More photos at the full gallery and after the jump.