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Photos: Minor Alps @ Black Cat Backstage

"If you can play a song on acoustic, and it sounds good, then you know it's solid," Juliana Hatfield said last night after her performance with Minor Alps at Black Cat Backstage. It doesn't hurt to have a copilot as talented as Nada Surf's Matthew Caws, too. Hatfield and Caws, already friends for years, decided to embark [...]

ToDo ToDay: Slayer, G-Flux, and a Book Fair

When Slayer bassist-vocalist Tom Araya sings the lyrics of 2006’s “Jihad” on the album Christ Illusion, he sounds every bit the terrorist depicted in the song. But that, too, is an illusion: Despite Slayer’s decades of confounding conservative folks with outrageous tunes, the veteran thrashers traffic in the same obscene fantasy as horror films. Read more >>> Slayer [...]