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Judah Remixes Wale, With Help From N.W.A.

In 2007, Temple Hills-based producer Judah garnered  acclaim for the three instrumentals he provided Wale for his 100 Miles and Running mixtape, all of which were understated and sufficiently swanky, allowing the MC to shine without the unnecessary glitz that has crippled his recent work.
Since then, Judah's creative vision has taken him to unusual places, from [...]

ISO: Osama-Themed Rap Tracks!

If something is national news, it's almost certainly going to inspire a rap track. Hip-hop is, after all, one of our fastest mediums. So it's no surprise that the death of Osama bin Laden is already yielding a growing body of music.
It's not all inspired, of course: In Tennessee, rapper Swiperboy—the pseudonym of University of Tennessee [...]

What the DMV Hip-Hop Scene Could Learn From Minnesota

The DMV Awards show isn't the first local awards program to shut down early because of violence. Last year, the Minnesota hip-hop scene suffered the same fate.
As organizers remember it, the 2010 Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards show was running relatively smooth. A minor altercation had taken place, but security staff quickly defused the situation before [...]

Reviewed: Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks by Soulful!

Producer-driven albums can be tricky to execute, especially if your name isn't Flying Lotus, Madlib or J-Dilla. The producer bold enough to let his beats talk better have kick-ass instrumentals—or kick-ass vocalists—on hand.
Luckily Soulful!, a resident producer of the D.C.-based InnerLoop imprint, has both. On Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks, the young artist not only creates a richly [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 16

Gentle readers, today Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here to warn you not to reflect too much upon 2010. Nostalgia generally is for suckers. You'll thank us for saying it now, rather than three weeks from now. And while you're striving to avoid suckerishness, we've got the usual dose of cool-ish shit and hot-ish [...]

We Haven’t Decided if Chris McDonald Can Rap, but We’re Pretty Sure He Can Act

I'll freely admit that I didn't hear about Chris McDonald until today. Thank you, DC Mumbo Sauce. The basics: McDonald is a Maryland rapper and he's made lots of songs. We've mentioned him once on Arts Desk, and the post was more about Judah.
But let's get to the meat of the matter: McDonald's new promo [...]

Local #MusicMonday: New Songs from Mother, the Cheniers, Judah

D.C.'s Mother uses phrases like "laser-beam eyes" and frequently swaps out the letter C for the letter K, but its music is as much psychedelia—not just one song has an instrumental freak-out that recalls the classic psych-rockers the United States of America—as moody indie erudition in the National vein. On the EP the group released [...]

Judah Helps Chris McDonald Soak in the Sun on “20 Something Summers”

D.C. producer Judah's recent infatuation with summery themes—whether it's the weather itself or certain articles of women's fashion—continues with the release of Chris McDonald's "20 Something Summers," a breezy, carefree, and lighthearted song on a familiar pop-cultural theme: the refreshing innocence of a new summertime love.
The Judah-produced song is the first single from McDonald's forthcoming [...]

Saturday: DMV Hip Hop Documentary Screening

DC Hip Hop Documentary to screen tomorrow.

Watch Out, Kanye: Judah’s The Amber Rose Instrumentals

I'm a bit late to the party here—although, in this case, it's probably more of a weird-ass, retro-futuristic, haute-cautureish, all-night fête. D.C. producer Judah's latest mixtape, The Amber Rose Instrumentals, is dedicated to the eponymous model with the shaved head, who is best-known as the girlfriend of Kanye West. The mixtape, a quick and cool [...]