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Lupita Nyong’o Was the Muse for Judah’s New Album

"Hi, Judah. It's Lupita. So I hear you're doing your next instrumentals album and I'm the inspiration behind it."
No, it's not the real Lupita Nyong'o who calls D.C. producer Judah at the top of his new concept album, The Lupita Nyong'o Instrumentals, a sequel to 2010's Amber Rose-inspired EP.
So why is Lupita the inspiration for Judah's new [...]

DMV Beats: Humane, Young Sir, and the Return of the Cornel West Theory

Humane’s Society
Between tuition checks at Hampton University and later Delaware State, 24 year-old Triangle, Va., transplant Sterling Fitzpatrick decided to focus the entirety of his brain power on hip-hop. Mom and dad disapproved. “It’s hard because your parents believe music is worthless,” says Fitzpatrick, known on scattered and promising mp3s as Humane, “It doesn’t help [...]

DMV Producer Judah Talks Wale, the Decline of Go-Go, and Working Smarter

After years as one of the DMV's busiest hip-hop producers and perhaps the region's most dutiful cheerleader, Timothy “Judah” Matthews is trying to figure out what comes next. He's still got plenty to say, but he's trying to be more efficient in how he says it. His website, For the DMV Only, still posts all [...]

Chronicles of Viktor: A DOOM-Inspired Beat Tape

MF DOOM has always been tough to characterize. On the surface, the London-born, Long Island-based MC is downright unorthodox: Much like the comic book villains he emulates, DOOM wears a metal mask at all times and tends to recede from the public eye. On the mic, he's equally eccentric, often combining disparate thoughts into one [...]

Arts Roundup: Somali Pirates Edition

Sockets Records' Sean Peoples: Local indie rock might finally be honing a new "D.C. Sound." [20k Under DC]
A local filmmaker's feature about Somali pirates (this one!) will show at the Maryland Film Festival [Style Blog]
Moron-shaming the people who thought Chuck Brown was dead [DCist]
When you finish reading our review of the new Black Cobain mixtape, [...]

Arts Roundup: Mad Props Edition

Cornell University's choral director, Scott Tucker, to succeed Choral Arts Society honcho Norman Scribner, who founded the ensemble 46 years ago. [Post]
Black Cat Peep show! (Not what you think.) [Post]
DMV producer Judah's track-by-track review of Fat Trel's Nightmare on E St. is pretty brutal. [For the DMV Only]
Chatting with curator Amy Lipton, whose selections for the ongoing [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Spring Arts Guide!

Any arts critic who maintains otherwise is bullshitting you: At the end of the day, we’re all fans.
No, you won’t see us at comics conventions dressed up as Thor. And we didn’t find Fanboys—that slight 2008 comedy in which a quintet of Star Wars geeks breaks into George Lucas’ ranch—the slightest bit adorable.
When we call [...]

Don’t Be Scared of P.U.S.S.Y.

If nothing else, Judah knows how to indulge his fantasies, no matter how bizarre or outlandish. On 2010's The Amber Rose Instrumentals, the Northeast D.C. native imagined a brief rendezvous with Rose, only to be dumped for her then-boyfriend Kanye West. Following the moderate success of the summery "Sundresses and Sandals," Judah promoted the song with [...]

Black Indian’s Mixtape Does Exactly What It’s Supposed to Do

D.C. legend Black Indian told us this summer that his Judah-produced comeback I Tried to Tell You would sound grown-up but not totally old-ass, and he was right. The 14-track mixtape is a cohesive, professional statement from a dude who decided emphatically not to let his legacy wither. He generally sticks to three themes: 1) [...]

The Return of Black Indian

He was one of the few 1990s D.C. rappers to get national exposure and a major-label deal, but Black Indian has been relatively quiet in recent years. That trend will reverse itself in September, when he releases I Tried To Tell You, a new mixtape produced by Judah, best known for working with Wale and [...]