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Photos: Jucifer @ Black Cat Backstage

The sludgy husband-and-wife duo that is Jucifer plays D.C. every January like clockwork, but this year felt somehow different. For one thing, their infamous wall-of-noise performance, which bears little relationship to their recorded output, lasted for at least an hour and fifteen minutes on Monday night—an eternity for a band that typically plays 30- to [...]

ToDo ToDay: Jared Diamond! Free Wine!

Is there anything humans living in the 21st century can learn from the traditional societies that came before us? Best-selling author Jared Diamond believes we can. His latest book, The World Until Yesterday: Can We Learn From Traditional Societies?, considers the last 11,000 years an evolutionary eye-blink during which modern societies have gone from traditional and very [...]

Photos: Jucifer @ Black Cat, again

Six months had passed since Jucifer's last performance in the D.C. area, so it was time for another: last night's show at the Black Cat was the duo's second in the states since it wrapped up a lengthy European tour (the first being a brief set last Saturday at Maryland Deathfest). Drummer Edgar Livengood was [...]

Photos: Jucifer and Salome @ Black Cat

Excessive volume was the name of the game at the Black Cat backstage on Monday night, where an impressive crowd gathered for a few hours of eardrum abuse courtesy of Jucifer and Salome. The two bands were wrapping up a minitour together, and they certainly went out with a bang.
More photos after the jump and [...]

Photos: Jucifer @ Ottobar

The husband/wife duo of Amber Valentine and D.C. native Edgar Livengood, aka Jucifer, don't really tour so much as they live their lives on the road. Of the many bands out there that seem to tour constantly, Jucifer probably has them all beat. So it makes sense that their live show is a completely different [...]

Thanksgiving Photos: Jucifer @ Volume 11 Tavern

If you're confused, Volume 11 Tavern is not anywhere near D.C.; it's a club in Raleigh, North Carolina, somewhat near where I spent my Thanksgiving weekend. I snuck out to catch Jucifer, a noise-rock/metal duo who play in front of a massive wall of amps and who will be destroying the Black Cat on January [...]