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The Final Days of Gaurav Gopalan

This article, from this week's print edition, expands and updates a blog post from last week.
The email came just a few weeks ago. The header said “A Huge Favor.” For Gaurav Gopalan, Heather Haney would probably have done two. She was that fond of him. Many, many people were.
They had met in the spring of [...]

Arts Roundup: Was It Good for U? Edition

Theater of Dissent: In Sunday's WaPo, Peter Marks examines what happens when Theater J—prone to button-pushing as it is—pisses off certain supporters of the state of Israel and its ruling Likud party. In short: Last March, when Theater J hosted the Israeli Cameri Theatre's staging of Return to Haifa by the Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani, a [...]

Fed Up: Why Cuts to National Capital Arts Grants Are Disastrous for Small D.C. Arts Groups

When the House Appropriations Committee published the list of federal program cuts in the continuing budget resolution that averted a government shutdown earlier this month, one small cut sent a shockwave across Washington. You probably read about it.
Another got less attention.
The bill keeping the federal government open through the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year [...]

Arts Roundup: Freedom! Edition

Good morning! School's been back for Studio Theater for some days now—it's deep in rehearsal for Circle Mirror Transformation—but yesterday was founding Artistic Director Joy Zinoman's last, at least at the helm. WaPo's Jane Horwitz reports that Studio's staff and admirers sent Zinoman off with a string of fetes and some gifts, like a gold watch [...]

Muse of Fire: Zinoman’s Successor “Not a Pushover”

"David is not a pushover," says Joy Zinoman.
Coming from a woman whose titanic personality has kept at least two generations of Washington theater people busy telling backstage stories, that can only be counted as a compliment.
"David" is David Muse, who'll be stepping into Zinoman's shoes come September, when he takes over as artistic director of [...]

David Muse to Succeed Joy Zinoman as Studio Theatre’s Artistic Director

Come Monday, you'll probably read in the Washington Post that at long last, the Studio Theatre has announced a replacement for retiring Artistic Director Joy Zinoman. But if you're like me, your Mondays can be hectic, so let me save you a little time: The name they'll announce is that of David Muse.
How do [...]

Joy Zinoman Speaks at National Press Club

Joy Zinoman, the longtime artistic director of 14th Street institution Studio Theatre, will be giving a luncheon address today at the National Press Club. Chow starts at 12:30, "program" at 1:00.
This is a great match—Zinoman and the National Press Club. After all, consider all that this founding artistic director accomplished in the area of press [...]

Joy Zinoman Leaves Studio Theatre: D.C. Media Falls Asleep on Story

The Washington City Paper sucks. The Washington Post sucks. The Washington Blade sucks. The Washington Examiner sucks. Metro Weekly, Dupont Current, DC Theatre Scene, DCist, TV news stations: suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.
And a catch-all assessment for all other D.C. media outlets that pretend to cover area news and culture: Suck!
What other word, after all, [...]