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ToDo ToDay: Thiefs at Strathmore and a Room Made of Wax

Strathmore has outdone itself by presenting THIEFS as part of its Friday Night Eclectic series. The collective trio makes a glorious jumble. In their hands, acoustic jazz, hip-hop, soul, ambient, and dance music all wander freely through shifting environments: acoustic and electric, improvisation and composition, instrumental and vocal. But just as a Duchamp collage still [...]

Arts Roundup: Consider the Wonk Band Edition

Country Life: The novelist Wendell Berry will give the 41st Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities at the Kennedy Center on April 23, reports The New York Times. Berry, whose many novels, stories, and nonfiction writings center on the American rural South, has in the past criticized certain aspects of modernity, like mountaintop-removal mining (bad!) and [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 21

The state of the assemblage is strong: Cultural stuff happens in Washington, people do things to elucidate that stuff, we put some of it in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, and thus your life is infinitely improved. It's OK if the relationship is a bit "host/parasite." We think it tickles.


"I have three hairs on [...]

Back in Hack: Journopalooza, Where the Boys on the Bus Become the Boys in the Band

Porto Recanati, an Adriatic fishing village of about 9,000 residents, boasts among its vacation amenities Arena Gigli, a medieval courtyard converted into an outdoor theater that hosts plays, opera, film screenings, and concerts. Past performances include traveling productions of Hair and Jesus Chris Superstar and a Queen tribute group. The headliner one warm evening last [...]

Journopalooza in Photos

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When Journalists Pick Up Instruments…

As much as the D.C. music scene will screech to a halt this evening in deference to The Dismemberment Plan's reunion show at the Black Cat, an assembly of reporters, editors, and a few government officials are not. Tonight's other hot ticket is the third edition of Journopalooza, an annual battle-of-the-bands fundraiser full of groups [...]